Eastside Commercial Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Aqua Surfaces provides window cleaning and pressure washing services for commercial properties across the Eastside of Seattle. Our goal is to ensure employees, patrons, & residents alike enjoy a safe & clean environment. With a proven reputation of quality, efficiency, and professionalism, put your trust in us today.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Whether it is your office or apartment building, you spend a lot of time looking in and out of the windows. Dirty or dusty windows create an unwelcoming environment and turn away potential customers. Our team is here to help you restore your windows to their original glory.

Aqua Surfaces does everything from businesses to retail stores, apartment complexes, and offices. We leave you with clean & beautiful windows, making patrons excited to step foot into your building. Above all, we make the window cleaning process a breeze for commercial property owners. Contact us today to give your windows some well-deserved care.

Commercial Pressure Washing

You owe it to yourself to keep your commercial property looking the best it possibly can. This includes hiring professional pressure washers to keep your property’s exterior clean & polished. Pressure washing is an effective way to upkeep your commercial building, ensuring you maintain the quality of your investment. Not only does it safeguard your property’s exterior, but it also eliminates harmful substances and dramatically improves your curb appeal.

You need an experienced team that can effectively clean your property without causing any damage. Using the most advanced cleaning techniques and machinery, our team at Aqua Surfaces can do just that.

Some of our Commercial Projects

Why Aqua Surfaces Is The Name To Trust



Don’t put your safety at risk, and use a team of professionals. We use the best safety practices, leaving you with peace of mind.


By using professional cleaners, you can focus on managing your property. We have an efficient process, allowing us to clean even large commercial buildings quickly.

Customer Support

Not only do we provide high-quality services, but we are here to answer any questions or concerns. Our team is always available to you as a resource!


Our team has years of experience working on commercial projects, big and small. We can ensure superior-quality results time and time again.

Best Eastside Commercial Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Services

Knowing how important first impressions are, we are here to provide you with the best commercial cleaning services on the Eastside. Pressure washing and window cleaning are some of the most effective ways to enhance your property’s curb appeal and impress potential customers. With our state-of-the-art equipment, best cleaning practices, and team of experts, we can finish the job in no time.

Our dedication to quality, safety, and efficiency make us the best choice for commercial property owners across the Eastside of Seattle. We can keep your building looking fantastic for years to come.

Commercial Exterior Cleaning FAQ


How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

Depending on the climate and the condition of your windows, we generally recommend commercial cleaning 2-3 times a year.

How Do You Clean Commercial Windows?

We use our Aqua Fed machine to clean commercial interior and exterior windows up to four stories.

How Often Should I Pressure Wash My Commercial Building?

We advise that you have your commercial property pressure washed at least twice a year.

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