Many Kirkland homes utilize solar panels to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. Your solar panels are an expensive investment that you want to be functioning at maximum efficiency. After months of accumulating dirt and debris, your solar panels begin to lose their ability to operate efficiently. Aqua Surfaces’ solar panel cleaning service can restore efficiency to your panels, saving you money on energy bills. Regular cleaning and maintenance by our team of trained professionals is the most effective way to safeguard your investment.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Kirkland

The Kirkland area is known for producing dirt, pollen, and other contaminants that can accumulate on top of your solar panels. At Aqua Surfaces, we use a nonabrasive brush to gently yet effectively clean your solar panels. Our effective brush and flush system deep cleans each individual panel and finishes it off with our residue-free pure water rinse. Our pure water rinse system leaves no harmful residue or minerals on your solar panels that could result in hard water stains. The results are sparkling clean solar panels in pristine condition.

Solar Panel Safety Practices

When cleaning your solar panels, safety is our number one priority. At Aqua Surfaces, we use the proper equipment and precautions to ensure that our team can safely access your roof. Our technicians are professionally trained in the safest and most effective solar panel cleaning methods.

Enhanced Protection

If you want your solar panels operating at maximum efficiency, contact Aqua Surfaces for a professional and high-quality service. Our trustworthy team always gets the job done right for Kirkland residents. We leave your solar panels looking and performing like new.

Why choose Aqua Surfaces?


Decades of experience

Our team at Aqua Surfaces has decades of professional home maintenance experience. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete every job to the highest of standards.

Exceptional customer service

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. From start to finish, our team goes above and beyond to ensure your needs are met.

Reliable and Efficient

We are dedicated to getting every job done correctly and efficiently so that our customers can get back to enjoying their lives.

Outstanding cleanliness

Our Kirkland team provides incredible results all while maintaining top-of-the-line cleanliness and care for your home. We leave every property looking better than it was before.

Easy scheduling and estimates

Our trained professionals provide clients with clear communication, including a detailed project estimate and schedule so you’ll know exactly what to expect when working with Aqua Surfaces.

Solar Panel Cleaning FAQ

Where can I find a solar panel cleaner in Kirkland?

Aqua Surfaces is your local Kirkland solar panel cleaning company. We provide high-quality professional services that will leave your solar panels clean and functioning efficiently.

How do you safely clean Solar Panels?

We utilize professional-grade ladder systems as well as fall protection equipment so our team can safely access your roof.

Solar Panel Cleaning in the Kirkland Area

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