Lake Forest Park Exterior Cleaning

Aqua Surfaces is pleased to provide a variety of exterior cleaning services for residents in Lake Forest Park and surrounding areas. Whether you need roof, window, or solar panel cleaning, you can count on us to make your home look brand new. Put your trust in us and enjoy superior service, professionalism, and quality time and time again.

Trusted By Lake Forest Park Homeowners

We are here to help Lake Forest Park homeowners transform the appearance of their homes! From concrete sealing and pressure washing to window cleaning and moss treatment, we do it all.

Our residential pressure washing and exterior cleaning services include the following:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Roof & Gutter Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Moss Treatment

Lake Forest Park Exterior Cleaning Services


Pressure Washing

For the best possible curb appeal, routine pressure washing is essential. After all, you don’t want dirt, grime, mold, or moss bringing down the appearance of your home or its property value! Our pressure washing services ensure that your home looks better than your neighbors in Lake Forest Park.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows can transform the look of your entire home. Our cleaning service eliminates debris, dirt, stickers, cobwebs, and any other residue from your windows. With our dedicated team's skill, equipment, and training, we can ensure your windows shine inside and out.

Concrete Sealing

Is your concrete driveway exposed to the elements and other potential hazards? If so, you can protect the quality of your concrete with a sealing treatment from Aqua Surfaces. We can ensure your Lake Forest Park driveway is protected against damage from rain, snow, oil, and stains for years to come.

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Not only are dirty roofs and gutters unattractive, but they pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of your entire home. If not routinely cleaned, gutters can fill up with water & debris, potentially leading to flooding and foundation damage. An untreated roof can degrade, leaving your home exposed to harsh weather conditions. Extend the lifespan of your roof and protect your home with our expert cleaning services.

Solar Panel Cleaning

If your solar panel no longer works as it used to, our professional cleaning services can help! We offer solar panel cleaning services that upgrade your panels’ appearance and bring back their effectiveness. Avoid letting your investment go to waste, and contact Aqua Surfaces for solar paneling cleaning solutions in Lake Forest Park.

Moss Treatment

A mossy roof can threaten your home's safety and quality. Fortunately, we can help remedy this with our moss treatment services. Professional grade moss treatment is the only way to protect your home against the rainy, wet Pacific Northwest climate, which breeds extensive moss growth.

Aqua Surfaces in Lake Forest Park

You can trust our highly experienced, passionate, and professional team to leave your home looking better than we found it. If you are looking for a pressure washing and exterior cleaning company in Lake Forest Park, look no further than Aqua Surfaces. We are a local Eastside team with the best equipment, tools, and expertise you can’t find anywhere else.

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